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Tia Biggs Doula Edmonton 


Photo by Dallas Currow

an introduction

Prior to medical school, Tia worked as a brith and postpartum doula in Edmonton several years as a member of Beautiful Blessing Birth Services. She supported more than fifty births, and and spent hundreds of hours in the homes of new families offering postpartum care, all while completing her BSc in with Specialization in Psychology at the University of Alberta. Throughout this time she sat on the board of both the Doula Association of Alberta and Doula Association of Edmonton and continues to serve as one of five doulas on a collaborative committee with Alberta Health Services striving to better articulate the role of doulas in acute care setting. She also entered the world of professional photography, finding her niche as a portrait photographer. 


In late 2022 Tia started medical school at the University of Alberta, and found a new home for her passion for informed consent, health system improvements and compassionate patient care.

In everyday life, you can usually find her with a coffee that is far too large, a messy bun that probably should never have made it past the front door, and a new pair of shoes. Her free time is often spent diving into a new project or hobby, playing with her two Holland Lop bunnies or curating new recipies to add to next week's menu. Beyond that, she loves golf, snow, tasteful profanity, authenticity, belly laughs, and more than anything doing her part to make tomorrow a little brighter for those around her.


DONA International


a few fun facts

  • I LOVE the snow! 
  • I am a sucker for a good rom-com
  • I think steak is gross (probably my most unpopular opinion)
  • I played hockey growing up and am a loyal Oilers fan
  • I love it when things match
  • I am happiest in the mountains
  • I enjoy golfing, even though I am objectively awful at it
  • I choose comfort over style way too often while also having a luxe purse addiction?

Doctor of Medicine (MD) - Class of 2026

University of Alberta

Certified Birth Doula- CD(DONA)

DONA International

Certified Postpartum Doula- PCD(DONA)

DONA International

BSc with Specialization in Psychology

University of Alberta

Certified Childbirth Educator


Certified Breastfeeding Educator




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