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A December Birth | Edmonton Birth Photography

The images below are some of my absolute favourites from the first birth I had the honour of documenting. Because of the intimate nature of birth, I have decided to use this space to write generally about birth, rather than about the specifics of each birth. With this in mind, today we will explore my approach to photo sharing with birth photography in Edmonton.

In as simple terms as possible, birth photography should never create a feeling that the intimacy & privacy of birth is compromised. As a result, I welcome my clients to provide explicit directions as to which photos they feel comfortable having shared. Currently, I have it broken out into four options (which I am sure will continue to evolve):

  • Stock Photo Consent Only - this means that only completely unidentifiable images will be shared. Think, baby feet & a bassinet or scale awaiting a little one.

  • Stock Photo Consent + Specific Photos - clients who select this option will go through their gallery & select specific photos that they are comfortable having shared in addition to those described as "stock photos".

  • Specific Consent - this option includes several descriptions of types of photos that clients may wish to remain private. For example, a family may wish to select "vulnerable anatomy" or "the birthing person's face," indicating that these photos may not be shared.

  • Blanket Consent - this option is for the families who are open to anything being shared with the world!

While a bit wordy & complex, this approach allows me to be confident that clients are fully comfortable & at peace with anything being shared. It also makes it clear that there is no expectation to have images shared, knowing that each family will have a different preference for photo sharing. Privacy in birth is imperative, and I want each family who I photograph to feel comfortable with my presence, knowing that nothing will be shared without their explicit consent.

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