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The Christmas Spirit | Edmonton Family Photographer

One of my favourite parts of venturing into photography is the opportunity it has provided me to watch the kiddos I have worked with as a doula grow into more and more complex little humans. Adding some Christmas spirit to the mix, and this session felt like magic...

My focus this day was to capture personality. Given the opportunity, little ones will let you into their world with their pure facial expressions. With patience, laughs, and in this case shiny ornaments, we were able to do just that. One thing you may not notice, however, is that one of these photos is a composite image. This means that we borrowed a happy facial expression from one photo & overlaid it on another to create a polished final product while managing the reality that getting multiple little ones to not just look at the camera but to smile, is no easy task. While this is only necessary occasionally, it is something that I am happy to devote some extra time doing so that each client has at least a few options where everyone is showing the world their very best smile...

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