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postpartum support

NOTE: As of August 2022 I will be returning to full time studies as an MD student at the U of A. While in school, I will not be accepting any postpartum clients. All inquiries for estimated due dates before May 2024 can be forwarded to Beautiful Blessings using the link below!

A postpartum doula can be hired to ease the transition into life with your new baby. Our role is customized to your needs and can include newborn care, emotional support, basic housekeeping, baby laundry, meal preparation & more.

Package information & a thorough description of a postpartum doula's role can be found below!


Postpartum Services

Photos by Tia Biggs & The Gray Hive


Basic Package  $840

24 hours of support (ex: 6 x 4 hours)

Premium Package $1600

48 hours of support (ex: 12 x 4 hours).

Custom packages are available upon request. Packages require 50% at the time of hire and 50% following the first 8 hours of support. 


Free Consultation 

I will happily meet with any family interested in services. Edmonton is lucky to have a thriving community of doulas and it is a priority of mine that each family has an opportunity to find the right one for them.


A Prenatal Visit

This visit will be used to clarify timelines and support preferences so that all the technicalities are taken care of before baby is born.


Professional Information 

As a postpartum doula I have received training on topics that include but are not limited to breastfeeding, postpartum mental health, and newborn care. If something comes up that is beyond my training, I will happily make an appropriate referral.

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Feeding Support 

Postpartum doula training places a major emphasis on breastfeeding education That said, the physical and emotional wellbeing of you and your child are always the top priority whether it be through breastmilk or formula. 


Newborn & Household Care

Postpartum support can also include basic housekeeping, meal prep, newborn care, baby laundry and more. 


Emotional Support

The transition to parenthood, whether it be your first or fifth baby, is often accompanied by major changes. A postpartum doula can act as a source of support through this transition and make appropriate mental health referrals.

Tia came into our lives at the perfect time. My mom was going back to the NWT and as a new mom I was feeling nervous. I never thought about having a doula but the opportunity came and I am very happy we got the experience! Tia was extremely knowledgeable with breastfeeding, latching, milk storage, babywearing and any other questions I had. If it wasn’t for the help and guidance from Tia I may not have been so successful with breastfeeding. We are so thankful for our experience with Tia and we look forward to having her as our doula for our next baby in the future. Thank you so much Tia! " KV, TM, and Baby C

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